Friday, June 1, 2012

Decided to challenge my self

Decided to challenge my self .
I chose the painting, 
Girl with the pearl earring by Vermeer.
Stayed with in my stile but 
also his idea , I like the way she turned out.
She is only 5" by 5" on wood with acrylics.


Leanne E said...

So nice to see you are back creating, Rafael :)

C. said...

Well, I don't just 'like' her- I think she's great! I was just reading your profile to remind myself where you are from and had to laugh a bit- 'your art ranges from folk art to goth'. Well, sir, that's quite a range! Can you imagine if you combined both of those in one peice? I can!

k.somerville said...

this painting is so wonderful and I love it!

my tiny studio said...

Thank you all very much :)