Thursday, November 17, 2011


This is my interpretation of the little girl that will be getting 
all of the Characters from little house on the prairie. 
She likes pink and purple has long brown hair, 
brown eyes and love dogs ( yellow labs ).

overwhelm by a painting

So some time back I started this painting 
but as you can see it's still not done .
I think I just got overwhelm by it , especially the octopus .
I will start painting it once more 
but will leave the tentacles for last :)

I finally found this pens !!!

I have been looking for this for a very long time :)
every time I would ask for them at art shops they would just give me a look like I was speaking a different language .
The ink / gel is white and it will help me add very fine highlights to parts of my art :)
Doing the Happy Dance !!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

17 characters from Little House On The Prairie tv show.

I finally finished them  YEAAAAA !!!!!
They measure from 1" 1/4 inches to 2" 1/2 inches tall.
I used wood pegs and painted them with acrylics .
THIS were made for a Reserved / custom order Listing

What do you think :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

3 characters from Little house on the Prairie

I have 3 days off from work and 
they will be spent finishing the rest of the 
characters from the TV show 
Little house on the Prairie.
This is for a special order for X-mas . 
It is fun using a 2 inch wood peg to create this 
little dolls :)