Sunday, July 26, 2009

My first Cheater Quilt it's on Ebay

This is my first Cheater Quilt .
Special thanks to "The Cart Before The Horse" for
the instructions on how to make a cheater quilt .
This is my own cheater quilt design.
The quilt is hand-crafted and comes signed and dated by me
The quilt is a union of sewing machine and hand stitching.
The quilt will look great in someones home as a display piece.
The quilt measurements are 16 1/2 inches tall by 23 inches long.
The quilt was crafted using muslin fabric , DMC floss , colorful buttons and
was entirely hand-painted.
On the back of the quilt there are 3 loops that are holding a wooden peg ,
this will make it easy to be hung for display.

Two New Items In My Ebay Shop

The Halloween decoration is hand-crafted and
comes signed and dated by me (the artist.)
On one side of the doll piece their is a happy face and
on the other side it has a scared face.
The piece measures a total of 4 1/2 inches tall.
The decoration was crafted using a pre-made wooden piece ,
cotton fabric for the ruffles , glass glitter and was entirely hand-painted.
Thank you for looking .

Friday, July 24, 2009

Soft In The Head Giveaway

((((((((( (HURRY ! HURRY ! ))))))))))
Soft In The Head Is Having A Giveaway !
Take a look at this beautiful Mouse .
Go to Soft In The Head And Enter The Giveaway !!
Click On Pic And You Will Go There.
((((((((((HURRY ! HURRY ! )))))))))))

Monday, July 20, 2009

How Cool Is That !!!!

Today I was asked to join EHAG !
How Cool Is That !!!!
I hope they don't change there mind and kick me out .

Friday, July 17, 2009

Shaker Puppet Video

New shakers / puppet heads will be for sale soon.

one will be on Ebay the rest will be in Etsy .

Whimsical Endeavors

This are the shakers that I got the idea from on the video ,
she make beautiful work whimsical Endeavors
You can get her patters at Pattern mart
go and take a look at all her patters.
The witch and mummy are from Whimsical endeavors.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Penny Pumpkin Patch

clik on image to enlarge
I like the way Penny Pumpkin Patch turn out .
I think ( hope ) that i am geting better at making dolls :)
Penny is in My ebay shop

Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Items

6 New tiny stars in my Etsy shop.
They are made from muslin and paperclay.