Friday, July 17, 2009

Shaker Puppet Video

New shakers / puppet heads will be for sale soon.

one will be on Ebay the rest will be in Etsy .


Abi said...

Oh Rafael, I really enjoyed watching your video - The puppets are magnificant. Do you have a typical Californian accent? you sounded quite Scottish to me! (it's definately better than the Texan accent! - sorry any Texans out there, no offense intended!)

my tiny studio said...

LOL!!!! No Abi it's not a typical Californian accent LOL !! people have told me I speak in a European accent. Have no idea were it cames from :)

PEA said...

They are wonderful! You did a beautiful job on them. I love each and every one of them.
I hope they do well for you!
Thank you sweetie.

Edna Bridges said...

Hello Rafael...greetings from Texas :) You do such beautiful sweet work and I love your videos. You know I am a big fan.

Catherine Darling said...

Hi Rafael,
They are darling. I especially love the lace ones. The video was very fun to watch.

Queerly Yours said...

Hey Rafael! I really enjoyed hearing you talk about your process and the finished pieces! I can imagine that they will sell quickly...they are so unique and lovely! 8D

Julie said...

Wow, your art is amazing! I love your starfish, your whimisical halloweenie creations, ohhh and the shakers too....everything! So beautiful!

my tiny studio said...

Thank all of you for your kind words :)

Brenda said...

Rafael! Love your video and your dolls!

I couldn't put my finger on the accent but yes, I agree with Abi it sounds Scottish :)


Denise said...

Those shaker dolls are adorable! You do such wonderful work! Very innovative using the bobbins too:)
Congrats on being asked to join EHAG...I KNOW they won't kick you out! LOL
Would you mind me sharing your Shaker doll video on my blog with a link back to yours? I'd love to share them.

Denise said...

Thank you Rafael! I have to serve up lunch right now and I will get to that afterwards. TTYL