Wednesday, March 21, 2012

44 new Muse Fairies in my Etsy shop !

Some months back I finished this tiny fairies .
I have been adding them little by little in my shop.
so here they are
The new Muse Fairies
Stop on by and see if one or two want to go home whit you :)


Leanne E said...

More sweet goodness. Hope things are going well for you, Rafael :)

becky kelly studio said...

Love how they look all together- beautiful color

mycuriousteaparty said...

Hi Rafael

Looked up at the lovely little fairy you sent me the other day and thought of you. How are you my bloging friend? Keeping well I hope, I expect that you are busy, hope the recession is not affecting you too much. Things are getting tough here, lots of people out of work, lots of businesses closing, not good. Petrol is approx £1.50/$2.38 per litre.. Shocking eh!

On a happier note... Your fairy's are so beautiful in their beautiful colours, look great all together.. I'm sure that they will sell well.

Have a lovey day ~ Julie