Tuesday, October 5, 2010

aaaaahhhhhh relax.....

first thing first I have a part time job :)
it is minimum wage and only 15 to 20 hrs a week but it's a job :)
it's at the flower shop I would work ones or twice a month .
one of the designers left and I got her hrs.
now I have time to work on my art instead of looking for another job :)

happy happy joy joy :)


Joji said...

Alright....I would like that type of job and about that many hours too...Perfect.

Leanne E said...

Congratulations on the new job! I know that whenever I end up taking on something that can be a little taxing, I am always thankful that I am physically (and mentally) able to do the work. Work may not be the highlight of our days, but it does help give us some perspective. Good luck with it :)

my tiny studio said...

Thank you ,I feel like a BIG weight has been lifted. I really hope that this doesn't mean that I am a grownup :( ?

mycuriousteaparty said...

Hip Hip Hurrah!

Congratulations Rafael, I am so pleased for you, it must be such a relief to get some permanent work..

~ Julie

jenclair said...

Nice that you already know the routine and the people you work with, too. Saves a lot of stress!