Monday, September 27, 2010

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I haven't bin around.
After I got better from the flue
I started looking for a job ( no luck ).
I do work at a flower shop but
that is only ones or twice a month
( not enough to pay the rent)
The job market is super hard at the moment and
I know it is going to get worst.
I try-ed some fast food places but
even they weren't hiring.
so I bib what every one who has looked for a job
at this time has done at one time or another ,
I got super depress.
during that time I would get happy messages
from people I know from the Internet.
some were just concern about me
others were just letting me know that they like my art work.
Yesterday I was just having a really bad day ,
two interviews were canceled because they hired someone else .
out of the blue I got a thank you e-mail
from someone I talk to some time back.
it really brought a smile to my face.
this is her blog ( it has a great deal of info )
the hand made gift guide .
I want to thank every one that has encourage me :)


Papillon Bleu said...

I am so sorry to hear about the struggle Rafael. Been there done that. Have you tried craft fairs also? It could maybe generate a bit of income.
I am glad to hear from you though...
Chin up dear Rafael! Am sure you'll get there!

mycuriousteaparty said...

Hi Rafael

Come on now my blogging friend, depression is not allowed, you haven't got time to fit it in, you have dolls to make, you have such talent and Christmas is around the corner... make some of your dolls with a Christmas theme, Angels maybe? Keep them simple so that you can make lots of them to sell, I'm sure that you will do well.

As Patricia from Papillon Bleu just said, maybe try the fair's...We don't have them over here. I wish we did they sound amazing

I visited Jo at The Cart Before The Horse earlier she has just come back from a huge fair, I'm sure she wouldn't mind if you asked her a question or two.

Sending you a hug from across the pond.

~ Julie

Janine said...

Oh Rafael, I am so sorry you are going through this. It is hard to imagine that someone who creates the art that you do can feel so awful! I will see you in my mind being happy and employed and creating more beautiful art and selling it! Cheer up friend you are loved!

my tiny studio said...

Thank you Patricia , Julie and Janine :)
I like art fairs but the good ones
are Expensive and the bad ones sell socks :)
About being depress I have a saying
" let's see were the day takes me "
That always keeps me going :)
Thank you all :)