Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Meet : Princess Wendy and Lord Kitty Cat

Don't you some times wish to go back to been a child and have no worries .
Well meet Princess Wendy and Lord Kitty Cat.
This is my first listing this year .
Click on photos and it will take you to meet here .
Ooh I almost forgot she will be there after 5:00 Pm today.


Unknown said...

Well welcome back Raphael! The pair are a delight to the eye! I love all of her delicate petite features...I think those feet are my favorite part~

I hope your holiday was delightful!


Janine said...

OMG! Rafael, this is wonderful! You did a great job!

Julia said...

Oh it's so cute. And that kitty is a perfect touch.

Christopher A. Klingler said...

2 cute & happy 2010! :-)


Mattydolls said...

She's soooo pretty!! Love everything about her!

Abi said...

First class Raphael! I love her!
Good luck with the auction. Happy new year to ya too! hope it's a good one :O)