Friday, September 11, 2009

I Am In Australia

Ok ok well not me but 5 of my tiny wooden dolls :)
Don't they look happy surrounded by thous
7 beautiful dolls in the back row.
Thank you Angela for sending me this photo.


feltonthefly said...

Oh this is great! You kind of are in Australia, since your work is a part of you!

Janine said...

Oh Rafael they are wonderful! What lovely travelers!

Georgina said...

They're adorable, Rafael. Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving your very nice comment...wish you could play too, but I know this is probably a bad time for everyone...we're all busy creating for the upcoming seasonal holidays and having a blast too!!

Glenda said...

welcome to my beautiful country I hope you have the very best of times,.Love your Dollies too,.love from Glenda