Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My first blog listing

This will be my first listing in my blog.

My purpose for the blog is to show you where you may find my art and to create an outlet for my creative mind. because I am extremely dyslexic. I will be making videos of my art and some how-to videos. If you ( the one and only person that will see my blog) would like to ask me a question, please do not hesitate. I will either make a video or write my response.

By September 7th. I should have more of my artwork posted in my shops (WSAOPP, ETSY, EBAY).


Rustic Rose Prims said...

HI Chris,
I nominated you for the primitive award. Check out my blog.

ericadaley said...

See, not just one visitor to your blog! And thanks again for joining the Flickr Spool group. I hope you do well in the Etsy world, as well as all your other venues - your work is great! Where in California do you live? I'm from California as well (Napa), and miss living there very much! Erica