Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Interview: Meet The Artist Bihind Pywackit Primitives

Cindy is the artist behind pywackit primitives.
Her creations are not just dolls, but pieces of art that should be cherished.
On Cindy's blog ( http://pywackitprimitives.blogspot.com/ ) you can tell the
craftsmanship and the talent that she commands.
I am extremely proud of the two pieces that I have from this amazing and talented artist.
I asked Cindy three questions and these are her responses in her own words.

What would you like others to know of you and your art ?
That I love what I do.
It comforts me somehow to create and sooths the soul.
Nothing pleases me more than to hear that someone else has enjoyed something
that I have created and it has brought smiles into their lives.
Although I do count on the money I earn from my creations it is
really not like any other job I have ever had.
Creating is a craving for me like a good chocolate bar or a cup of coffee.

What advice or encouragement would you give to another artist ?
I would have to say that it is so important to keep at it.
This is a competitive business and it is so easy for your followers
to move on to another artist when they can't find your work.
You have to make your work constantly available in order to build a following.

Were can others find your art work or get to know more about you?
As well as the WSOAPP Market Street I offer my work on the TDIPT Mercantile,
For a bigger picture of past and current works you can visit my blog.

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old world primitives said...

Nice interview with good advice! I enjoyed reading it.