Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Interview : Meet the artist behind Addie Hattie Prims

Lynnie is the artist behind Addie Hattie Prims.
Her prim unique style is refreshing and wonderful to look at.
On her blog ( ) you can tell the passion Lynnie has for life, family and definitely for her art .
I asked Lynnie three questions and these are her responses in her own words.

What would you like others to know of you and your art ?

I would like for them to know that each of my creations, are definitely mine. I use no patterns, just some times I will trace a body part, or clothing piece on newspaper and go from there, but mostly I just take the scissors and cut and sew. I have been creating ever since I was a little girl and I love it with a passion. Most of my inspiration comes to me in a fabric store. I just love all kinds of fabric and probably have too too much of it. I also get encouragement from family and friends. and I Thank the Good Lord for the gifts he has given me.

What advice or encouragement would you give to another artist ?
Build a network, online, family, friends, co workers, neighbors, community. Get your name out there. Don't ever give up. You will have lows and highs, but don't ever give up your passion to create.

Were can others find your art work or get to know more about you?
Here are some sites to visit. You can view my work at theses sights

On my personal blog you can read my profile and learn more about me.

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