Monday, August 2, 2010

look what i found :)

Some years back I used to work in polymer clay .
As I was looking in some old boxes that held art supplies
I found this little fairy.
I know its not the cutes thing but it was my first :)
she less then 1" 1/2 inches.
Just wanted to share :)


Sasa said...

Wow!! I think she is adorable!! I love little fairies!! Are you going to make more? She Rocks!

Are you curious about me? said...

She is adorable Rafael, you should make some more for your etsy shop, fairy babies for Christmas, I'm sure you would do well with them.

Glenda said...

she is just lovely,I look back at the first flower I painted and wonder why I started but I did and I think I am better know,.lol.beautiful and lucky you still have her.,love from glenda