Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Interview : Meet the artist behind Rusty Creek Primitives

Brenda is the artist behind Rusty Creek Primitives .
Her gorgeous designs of whimsical dolls and primitive items have a unique quality
and style all their own.
On her blog ( ) Brenda describes herself as a
self taught artist that has a passion for working with textiles, paint and also paper clay.
I personally enjoy the inventive way Brenda can make the eyes of her creations
look so happy and joyful.
I asked Brenda three questions and these are her responses in her own words.

What would you like others to know of you and your art ?
I am the type of person who will find humor in anything.
I'm not saying I don't take life seriously but I do feel finding the humor in it
helps me get through Life .
I try to create dolls that evoke that same feeling when people see them in their whimsical, primitive form.
Life is hard enough....I believe finding the joy in it... is Heaven.

What advice would you give to another artist ?
Oh my....this will be me preaching to myself here.
It is important to stay focused on your goals.
You won't get anything out of it unless you are prepared to put in time and energy.
Be patient and keep working your plan...tweaking it along the way as you learn what's working and what's not working for you.
And while "working and tweaking" remember to enjoy what you are doing I believe this is the heart of a true artisan (carefree and creative).

Were can others find your art work or get to know more about you?

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