Saturday, February 16, 2013

Custom MUNNY

sorry if I write mistakes ,I am a little dyslexic .
On Dec 6  I was contacted to do a custom portrait on a munny.
I have always been  reluctant  to do portraits because 
I feel the person is not going to be happy with the outcome
I did wanted to do this one because, for one she gave me plenty of time and 
the other I liked the reason for the custom munny 
(It was a Valentine's day gift).
started with a small painting to see if I could capture her idea and 
also to get the colors and style right .
Writing back and forth her Idea started to become clear to me.
Then I started with the vinyl toy ( the munny ). 
primed it twice unfortunately the weather was to wet and 
the primer wasn't drying , so off it went in side the oven over night 
( the oven was turn off just the heat of the pilot ).  
Because I paint with glazes the first coats took longer than I had calculated 
but I still had time.
the arms came first then the body the hair was next and the face was last .
I let every thing dry for two days not that it need it but 
I always let Acrylics dry for two day before I add thin layers of varnish.
I did not finish on time, I was two days late ( needed to finish by Jan 30 )  
but she was happy with the photos I had send her.
When she did receive the munny she wrote that she was happy with it and 
the day after Valentine she also wrote back to 
let me know that her boyfriend was also happy with his gift.
I was very nerves throughout this custom order but I am very glad i did it.
stepped out of my comfort some and come out happy whit the results .
At the same time I was finishing this order 
I was  contacted by someone else to do 2 portraits on paper .
Just like this order I know I will be hesitant at the start but will give it my all .

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