Monday, September 28, 2009

I Went Shopping !!!!!

I was working at a shop for a little bit and
the money i earned was going to be for art supply but
( there is always a but ) my car broke down ,
so no money for art .
for a couple of days I kept telling myself use your credit card ,
I dint' want to .
today I got up got dressed and just went to town .
I don't want to know how much I spend but
I know that I will start to sell my favorite toys
(my hot wheels cars collection)
and yes I play with them :)
I also order some things from Japan
not here at this time .
I am thinking happy thoughts until
I get the credit card statement next month
( happy thoughts happy thoughts)


Are you curious about me? said...

Glad to see your back Rafael and it looks like you are going to be so.o.o.o... busy, have fun my friend.

You'll have to live off of beans for the next month, no treats!!!


PS. I hope your car is feeling better.

jean Carl said...

Tis only money, rite!...I'm sure you'll make it up somehow...I'm sending the universe thoughts to send money your way...Now, get busy!!!!! Blessings Jean

Cynthia said...

I hear ya about the money and the credit cards! But we all know you will do such great things with the supplies that it will pay for itself in the end! Enjoy the supplies and keep up those HAPPY THOUGHTS!

Janine said...

Hi Rafael, I am thinking happy thoughts for you too!

Mandala Michelle said...

That photo of your art supplies got me a little hot and bothered! Oh you are going to have so much fun. Can't wait to see what beauty you create.

Codys Keepsakes said...

wow your gonna be busy. Its only money right!!!! I have a collection of hot wheels too....LOL

Georgina said...

I feel your pain,Rafael!!!LOL My card is paid off, but yesterday, I purchased my daughter part of her birthday and Christmas gift by getting her much needed pots and pans and other kitchen equipment...only came out to $86 and change...can pay it off when the bill arrived, but I hate using my credit card too, but sometimes, you just have to do what you have to do,especially when it comes to art supplies!!

Tammy said...

Oh you are toooo FUNNY,
Great Supplies, you deserve it have a BALL...

Sasa said...

Yeah!!! So awesome!! I love art stores! Your work is brilliant and you will make tons of money. Have fun. Peace. :-)

Abi said...

Ooh, lovely supplies - like candy!