Friday, August 14, 2009

Two More Videos :)

I feel very nerves when I make a video :)

The name of the book is " sewing for twentieth century dolls "


Janine said...

Well, your videos are just fine! You sounded a bit nervous on the doll video and more confident on the sewing one. If you wanted to know...but they both were done well! I couldn't have done as well!!!

I love, love your doll!

Felt on the Fly said...

Hi Rafael! I'll be watching that book on Ebay. It looks really interesting. I loved hearing your voice! That was pretty cool. I only watched the video about the book, and I think you did a great job!

my tiny studio said...

thank you Janine and Janet . you know that the first video was done in one take but the doll one 6 times . that one was the better one :)

About me said...

Hi Rafael
You sound just fine your video's are clear and precise congratulations, its nice to hear a friendly voice.
I'm loving your angel, those sparkly eyes are such a wonderful trademark.


Lisa Nelson's Art, Bucks County Designs said...

Hi Rafael - your videos were GREAT! I enjoyed both of them. Your new doll is beautiful - the colors remind me of a garden in spring when everything is fresh and new. It was also interesting to see how large the doll was - I didn't realize how large it was until I saw your hand in the photo. I have a camera with a video recorder in it but just can't figure it out. You're an inspiration though - perhaps I'll try again because it was nice to hear the voice of the actual creator talking about his art. The book video was interesting too! Have a great evening and thanks for the inspiration.

Abi said...

Wonderful Rafael X