Friday, February 27, 2009

How To Paint A Tiny Wooden Doll

If you have ever wanted to make your own wooden Doll.
I will show you how I make them.
I did not put any brand names because
you may not find them in your area.
I have put info that can help you ask your favorite Craft/ art shop.
The wood piece can be found in a craft/ art shop or on line.
(this will be a Tooth Fairy)
Step#1: Lightly use a fine grade sand paper on entire wood doll .

Step#2 : Sketch your own design onto the doll with a pencil.

Step#3: Paint the overall design of the doll.
Paints ca be :
Color-Pencils, watercolors, acrylics or other paints.
Remember that different paints will react different to wood.

Step#4: Continue painting the details of your doll's design.

Step#5: At this point draw the fine details of the doll.
Using Inkpens, color-pencils to define the lines of the overall design of the doll.
This is also the step to add glitter, stickers, cutouts or whatever you want,
That is if you want to do so.

Step#6: Add a fine Crackle Finish to the entire doll , avoiding the face.

Ask your local art/craft shop for Crackle Finish.

Step#7: After the crackle finish has dryed Stain the entire wood doll
whit a brown stain.
Ask your local shop for stains , It doesn't have to be a wood stain.

Step#8: Finally after the stain has dryed
add a Non-Toxic Non-Yellowing Varnish to the doll.
Add as many layers as you want of Varnish.

Now enjoy your tiny wooden doll.

If you have questions please ask.


jonwen45 said...

I dearly LOVE this tut. I loved your
tiny dolls from the first time I saw
them and I love them even more now that I know what goes into creating them. They are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Nice tutorial! Thanks :)

Brenda, Rusty Creek Primitives said...

I love these dolls too. It's amazing how much detail you can get on such a tiny piece!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Great job!

Felt on the Fly said...

You make it look so simple! I love your work.

Sarah said...

Ok I was hoping that this would be simpler as I want to create a Nativity with some naked wooden dolls I just bought. Yikes what have I gotten myself into?

Sandy said...

Excellent tutorial. I was looking around to see how I could paint my matryoshka dolls. This would definitely help. Thanks.

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Janine said...

Rafael, (I love your name!) you make me want to make some! As if I don't have enough crafty things to do already...this one I have to try! Thank you for sharing!

jennie w. said...

Love! I am such a bad painter of tiny details. Any advice?

my tiny studio said...

Hi Jennie W,

I use a freehand magnifying glass , Bright lights and always use a soft lead pencil to do any tiny marks on the piece.
If you make a mistake it's ok because it gives the tiny doll character .
If you make a tiny doll I would like to see it Please :)

Jacqueline Eberhardt said...

What kind of crackle would you recommend using?

Jacqueline Eberhardt said...

Love your work and sharing your steps with us... Greatly appreciated